"Because you deserve it!"


    The Fort McMurray Ski Team is a gathering of diverse families, all with stories and histories, and some that bear repeating and remembering. One such story is that of Will Kristman, son of Willie and Hilda, and brother of Katie.

    Will was the embodiment of so many of the characteristics that we try to instill in all of the children in our club.

    • Happiness

    • Joy

    • Fair Competition

    • Friendship

    • Commitment

    • Fitness

    • and just plain fun.

    Will left our presence suddenly and unexpectedly in February 2013. He was thoughtful enough to leave us a legacy and a role model that is rare and beautiful. Our organization will always be committed to remembering and honouring Will's spirit, and his attributes serve as a guideline for many of our clubs' goals.

    So, as you enjoy the camaraderie and activities of our team, you will always hear about a boy named Will Kristman and how you can leave a huge legacy, even as a child. 

    'To see a Shooting Star, Breathtaking, to be a part of one, Miracle.'

    The Will Kristman Shooting Star award goes to a confident, focused, friend to all, enthusiastic, happy and smiling all the time and... a little irreverent...


    Named after Abby Wunsch, a U10 athlete at NASA (Nakiska) and administered by the foundation started by her parents. 


    "Abby never won 1st, 2nd or 3rd, but she had fun. We never thought she would be an Olympic athlete but we had underestimated her before. Abby always showed up to the hill with a smile, did whatever the coaches asked of her, put in 110% and never said she didn’t want to go. She was amazing. The ski community has given us so much that we feel the best way to honour Abby is to give back.


    The Abby Award is a snowflake medallion which will be presented to a U10 level ski racer.

    This award is for the athlete who:

    • shows up in the morning with a smile on their face

    • try their best and give 110%

    • do what the coach asks

    • never complains and

    • cheers on their teammates. 

    It is meant for the athlete who is there because they want to have fun and they truly love the sport of skiing. We put together packages for all alpine clubs in Canada to award to one of their U10 athletes with the Abby Award at the end of each season. The Coaches who work closely with all the children will have to decide which athlete is the one who exhibits the characteristics above."

    The recipient receives a snowflake medal, an Abby neck tube, and Abby patches.  Recipients are asked to submit a photo to the Abby Foundation for inclusion in their annual report.


    Each NGSL coach is asked to nominate one athlete from the group that they most often work with on the training weekends. There are no specific criteria for these awards. Coaches are encouraged to award aspects such as participation, attitude, sportsmanship, and improvement. Typically these awards are presented to athletes that did not ski to podium results at the big races. 

    The recipient receives a certificate.


    The ATG awards are determined by the ATG Coaches.

    The  award categories are:

    • Most Improved

    • Rookie of the Year

    • Coaches' Choice

    The recipients receive a certificate and their names are added to the large ATG trophy on display in the FMST cabinet.


    This award is named as a lasting legacy to the countless of volunteer hours and contributions to the Fort McMurray Ski Team made by Lance and Florazel Ferriss.

We would like to Thank our home hill,                    , for all the support and for being awesome!

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We would like to Thank our home hill,          for all their support and awesomeness!

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